Welcome to Mischemix—a world crafted just for YOU!

Hello, I'm Michelle Shaw. With a diverse 30-year career as a Professional and Versatile DJ, Coach, Tutor, and Mentor, my mission is to empower and support you in grabbing and holding your audience's attention and connecting with them emotionally through audio, video, and technology.


CREATE = Craft or perfect a standout opener or musical composition that truly resonates with your audience.


PLAY = Master and refine the art of grabbing and keeping any audience's attention, ensuring memorable experiences long after the curtain has closed.


INSPIRE = Elevate your impact to lead and shape the industry by leveraging professional insights and experiences.


After receiving my late diagnosis of Autism and ADHD, I became even more committed to making support and learning accessible, ensuring all students and clients feel included and valued. So whether you come with formal training or are a self-taught enthusiast, my mission is to help you make your passion resonate louder and your performances shine brighter.


Are you ready to embrace your authentic greatness?




(1) Connect & Enter Your Details:

Start your journey with a simple click: Book a 30-minute video call or request a callback at your convenience.


Request a Call Back = Telephone Call


30-Minute Video Call = Zoom, Teams or Google Meet


Provide your name, contact information, and a brief description. This essential step ensures mutual understanding and assesses our compatibility, paving the way for a supportive and effective partnership.


I like video calls as they offer a more personal touch, but I want to give you a choice as it's important to me that you feel comfortable. So feel free to select the option that best works for you.


(3) 30-minute Call:

This initial phone or video call is crucial to begin our journey together. During the call, we'll discuss your goals, address any questions about the coaching process, and ensure that my coaching style aligns with your needs and preferences. Here we will get to know each other and explore potential solutions, and share experiences in tackling challenges.


Perfect for asking me any question and expressing your thoughts—I'm eager to understand your challenges and discuss how we can effectively and confidently work towards meaningful change together.


(4) Onboarding Form:

To get you into my system, I will need you to complete my onboarding process. Starting with my single-page onboarding form.   


After reviewing your responses, I'll reach out to discuss them and explore various options with you. This step helps us tailor the coaching to your specific needs.


(5) Invoice and Agreement:


Invoice Sent via Email: Invoices are emailed to ensure efficient, timely communication. This method facilitates easy access, accurate record-keeping, and prompt delivery of detailed service and payment information. It also supports quick processing and environmental sustainability.


Agree and Sign: Review and sign the documentation, including the Coaching Agreement and Terms of Engagement. This step formalizes our relationship by establishing clear expectations for schedules, fees, and payment methods, helping prevent misunderstandings and building a structured foundation for a successful partnership focused on achieving your goals.


(6) Start/End Dates confirmed:

To streamline the transaction process, payment can be made via BACS or Debit/Credit card.


Once payment is confirmed, we will establish and agree on the start and end dates for your sessions.


(7) First Session:

As the agreed-upon schedule.


Are you ready to get started?


Let's Embark on This Transformative

Adventure Together 


I hope this was clear as I want everything you see, read and hear to be clear for you.  So I welcome and appreciate knowing if something isn't working for you, doesn't stack up or make sense. Please just let me know directly by sending me an email to: michelle@mischemix.com or call me on 01709 262005

CALL: 01709 262005