Welcome to Mischemix—a world crafted just for YOU!

Welcome to Mischemix!

Celebrating Authenticity, Individuality, and Inclusivity.

At Mischemix, we fuse personalised training, coaching, and creative support to craft bespoke developmental experiences for you and your team. Each session is designed to recognise and amplify individuals' unique talents, ensuring you feel valued, seen, and heard.

Through collaborative efforts, we guide individuals and teams to leverage their strengths, identities, and abilities. This tailored approach boosts productivity and transforms the business experience, enriching every step of your journey with us.

Empower and Educate for Impact.

At Mischemix, we believe in the transformative power of collaboration. We work closely with you to harness your unique strengths, identities, and abilities, turning potential into performance. Our approach enhances skills, boosts productivity, and enriches every facet of your business and personal growth. We are dedicated to creating impactful changes that resonate with both teams and clients, ultimately elevating the entire business experience.

In my clients own words...
Michelle is the TLC and rock you rarely find, she really cares about how you are really feeling. I had little strength before I met Michelle and was feeling really down about my life and just needed someone to listen. The first thing I noticed about Michelle was her energy, strength and how open she was about her own life and it was obvious she really cares about people. She made me feel important and understood, which instantly made me feel better. Her advice and exercises were practical and easy to follow. I achieved positive results straight away, which fulfilled me and inspired me to do more.
I would never have believed I could feel so different after a few hours, yet I feel 90% stronger and able to deal with challenges that lie ahead and believe that I will achieve everything I want, including the fulfilling relationship I really deserve.

Meet Michelle Shaw

With a rich 30-year background as a Professional and Versatile DJ, Trainer, Coach, and Mentor, I was late diagnosed with Autism and ADHD at 51.

My personal and professional journey has profoundly deepened my understanding of hidden disabilities and expanded my perspectives immensely. I champion inclusivity and advocate for individuality and authenticity.

My aim is to inspire the creative within to emerge—from the shadows into the light. By validating and nurturing your abilities, I aim to boost your confidence and self-belief, helping you embrace your unique strengths and recognise your potential and reality.

This approach elevates skills, inspires existing audiences, and allows us to discover new ones.

Our Core Services:

Whether you’re formally trained or a self-taught enthusiast, join us at Mischemix to amplify your passion and elevate your performances. 

Explore and Play: Dive into a dynamic, interactive environment where your intuition leads as you engage with music and technology. This service is available through individual sessions or a bundled package, ideal for those gearing up for public speaking, podcast hosting, or on-camera appearances. Build confidence and skills in a supportive, engaging setting.

Captivate and Resonate: Master the art of captivating your audience with our tailored coaching sessions. Choose from single sessions for quick refinements or opt for a comprehensive monthly package that ensures consistent improvement in your delivery, making every performance or presentation impactful and memorable.

Bring Your Vision to Life: Turn your initial ideas into captivating events that reflect your brand's essence. We offer project-based collaboration, from concept to execution, to create deeply connective and moving experiences. Perfect for aspiring event planners or entrepreneurs, this service can be tailored to your specific timeline and needs.

Flexible Engagement: All services are available a la carte or can be combined into a custom package in person or online. Whether you need just one hour of targeted advice or an ongoing partnership to guide your creative journey, we adapt to fit your schedule and goals.

Discover how our services can make your talents shine brighter. Connect with us today!




(1) Connect & Enter Your Details:

Start your journey with a simple click: Book a 30-minute video call or request a callback at your convenience.


Request a Call Back = Telephone Call


30-Minute Video Call = Zoom, Teams or Google Meet


Provide your name, contact information, and a brief description. This essential step ensures mutual understanding and assesses our compatibility, paving the way for a supportive and effective partnership.


Feel free to select the option that best works for you.

It's more important to me that you feel comfortable.


(3) 30-minute Call:

This call provides an opportunity to discuss your goals and address any questions you may have about the process. It’s the perfect setting for you to express your thoughts and ask me anything—I’m here to fully understand your challenges and explore potential solutions together. This conversation is crucial in ensuring that my training and coaching style perfectly aligns with your needs and preferences, setting the stage for meaningful and effective change.


(4) Onboarding Form:

I will need you to complete my onboarding process to get you into my system. Starting with my single-page onboarding form.   


After reviewing your responses, I'll reach out to discuss them and explore various options with you. This step helps us tailor the coaching to your specific needs.


(5) Invoice and Agreement:


Invoice Sent via Email: Invoices are emailed to ensure efficient, timely communication. This method facilitates easy access, accurate record-keeping, and prompt delivery of detailed service and payment information. It also supports quick processing and environmental sustainability.


Agree and Sign: Review and sign the documentation, including the Coaching Agreement and Terms of Engagement. This step formalises our relationship by establishing clear expectations for schedules, fees, and payment methods, helping prevent misunderstandings and building a structured foundation for a successful partnership focused on achieving your goals.


(6) Payment & Start/End Dates confirmed:

Payment can be made via BACS or Debit/Credit card to streamline the transaction process.

Once payment is confirmed, we will establish and agree on the start and end dates for your sessions.


(7) Session One: Getting to know you

This is a personalised 30-minute online session designed to set the stage for your success. During this meeting, we’ll take the time to understand your goals, assess your needs, and discuss expectations for upcoming sessions.

This initial session is vital for mapping out how we will proceed in subsequent sessions, ensuring that every step we take is tailored to help you achieve your unique objectives.


Are you ready to get started?


Let's Embark on This Transformative

Adventure Together 


Start your journey with a simple click: Book a 30-minute video call or request a callback at your convenience.


I hope this message has been clear, as I strive to ensure that everything you see, read, and hear from us is understandable and transparent. Your input and feedback is greatly appreciated and invaluable to us. 

If something isn’t working for you, is unclear or doesn’t make sense, please reach out.  You can email me directly at michelle@mischemix.com or call me at 01709 262005

CALL: 01709 262005