Welcome to my Official Patreon and my first ever member-only post!

Whoop whoop! After months of preparation and planning, I finally launched my page!  

Congratulations on making it here.  I love that you decided to join me now – what an awesome time for us.   I am bursting with excitement about this new chapter and thrilled to be sharing this journey with you. 

Forgive my quiet launch as I’m still bringing people up to speed on the the new name and logo change. Admittedly the transition from sole trader(s) to limited company has been quite the learning curve and I needed a little breathing space before sharing with the whole world.   

Creating the brand was paramount for me to think of my two businesses as one entity and gave me the extra drive to push it forward.  Bringing everyone up to speed and communicating my message was always going to be tricky.  But what I didn’t expect was how helpful and practical it has been building my Patreon page!   

I’m so glad I took my time to launch this page and proud of myself for doing things in the right order and portray and communicate my brand, services and products in the right way.
This is an exciting time for us all and I want to provide you with as much value as possible. Now that I have this space to share exclusive content, I hope to do you proud!

Thank you for being there and for choosing to support me.  I’d love to hear your thoughts/feedback and welcome, encourage and appreciate these anytime.


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